The beginning isn’t really the beginning…

So, we’ve known that we wanted to home educate Myka since she was about eighteen months old, she turned four in May last year and as such isn’t compulsory school age until this September. However, we have been educating Myka her entire life, much in the way most families do, so even though she is not officially home educated until she reaches compulsory school age, she has been learning for years.

We always intended to keep her education very freestyle and play based until she turns seven, this will no doubt evolve as time goes on. This does not mean that we will be leaving her education up to chance, neither will we be unschooling. While I have seen first hand the many benefits of home educating in this way, it simply does not work for us as a family, much in the same way school doesn’t.

Myka is very good at initiating her own learning, and so far letting her learn things in her own time and her own way has worked incredibly well, so we will be taking a much more child led approach, she is a fan of the work books and sheets at the moment and her letter recognition has come on leaps and bounds through this method. So for a while we are using apps such as Teach Your Monster To Read, Doodle Maths, Doodle English and Doodle Tables to support her work with workbooks etc.

As she completes work, and learns through daily encounters, day trips and every day family life I intend to document her experiences on here, and hopefully one day this blog will serve as a sort of portfolio of her learning journey.

Feel free to join us for the ride, I’m sure it will entail many roller-coaster moments!


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